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    File of the Week 07/2024:


Little MPE test using Osmose and Plasonic.
    File of the Week 06/2024:

"Waldow Spaceship"

Artist WALDOW (Jean-Marc Seiler) in my spaceship 2022.
He just passed away. We will miss him.
    File of the Week 05/2024:

"CORONER in Geneva"

CORONER at L'Usine in Geneva this weekend.

    File of the Week 04/2024:

"Small Crow"

Short piece for a small string ensemble.
Cheers to Crowhill.

    File of the Week 03/2024:


This week is expander week.
The Vermona MX3 to synch MeloDICER with Logic and the Instruo Ochd Expander for more modulation.
Audio soon.

    File of the Week 02/2024:

"Say My Name"

Say my name, biatch :-)
No, i'm not an egocentric. I'm not. Really.

    File of the Week 01/2024:

"Palmtrees Tunis"

Spent the first week of 2024 with friends under palmtrees.
Thanks Tunis, thanks Elly, Marcel, Mathieu, Raphi, Ewelina, Hichem, Francesca!